Upcoming events at Rosehill

Rosehill Rehabilitation UnitFrom open days to training courses for local authority professionals, we run helpful events throughout the year at Rosehill Rehabilitation Unit.

Keep an eye open for our next Open Day which will be held in May and includes guest speaker Sally Davis from Certus Consultancy Ltd. Sally is a Registered Nurse and has worked within the field of brain injury rehabilitation for over 12 years, as well as completing a Master’s degree in Brain Injury Rehabilitation in 2013.

We will also be holding our annual garden party in June 2016.

If you would like to be updated about our events at Rosehill, Please send an email to Rosehill@Priorygroup.com and we can add you to our contacts list.

Get in touch

Through our services at Rosehill, we provide leading person-centred neuro-rehabilitation programmes that are bespoke to the severity and complexity of a person’s particular neuro-disability.

To make a referral or for enquiries and further information about Rosehill Rehabilitation Unit, please contact our helpful enquiries team today on 0808 278 0413.