Making the transition – preparing for adulthood

The process of leaving school and moving into adulthood can be an exciting but equally challenging time for all young people and their families, with lots of choices and decisions to be made about the future. That is particularly the case if the young person has additional needs which need to be factored into decisions about the next stage of their life.

Support for young people

If you are supporting a young person in specialist education who is leaving school or college this year, we can help you and them take the next step, preparing for adulthood. Craegmoor offers support to young people and their families preparing for adulthood, to make successful and informed plans for the future.

Designed to help all those involved in the support of each young school leaver – the local authority, their parents or carers, and staff at their current school or college – to assess and agree what support the student needs in this next stage in their life.

Together, we can help people to consider:

  • Where they will live
  • How to increase independence
  • The development of their life skills
  • Any chosen vocational training and work experience

We would work closely with the current education and care providers to effect a smooth transition into the right support option for the young person including the offer of a full adult health and social care assessment.

If you would like to discuss how Craegmoor can support a young person approaching school leaving age, please call a member of our enquiries team on 0800 840 3219.