Prader Willi Syndrome Care Services from Craegmoor

Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a rare and complex condition. We provide a range of services which enrich the quality of life for each individual we support.

How can Craegmoor help?

At Craegmoor, we help those with PWS to lead fulfilled lives by providing the right level of support needed by each person.

We understand that everyone that has a diagnosed genetic or PWS-like condition has their own individual abilities, needs and preferences. That is why we always involve the individuals using our services in decisions on how they are supported. We also recognise that PWS can make everyday life challenging, and the degree of this difficulty will vary between individuals. We tailor our services to each individual who needs support in managing their syndrome; providing environmental and food security and promoting as much independence as possible.

In addition, we offer services for those that require high support needs.

Our wide range of services includes:

  • Residential options
  • Supported living
  • Day service provision
  • Healthcare at the Priory Group’s independent hospitals
  • Support to access to specialist education
  • Support accessing employment opportunities

An in-depth understanding of PWS

We have acquired considerable expertise, knowledge and experience over many years. Our specialised team attend conferences -- both national and international -- training days and residential/supported living forums specifically related to the syndrome to maintain knowledge and update information and best practice. We attend functions that are facilitated by the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association and families of people with PWS. We also undertake fundraising for the PWSA UK.

We work closely with accredited professionals worldwide in developing skills in supporting those with PWS - in addition, people we support take part in research projects supported by Craegmoor staff.

Involving individuals with PWS in helping others

At Craegmoor we strongly advocate that people with PWS contribute to and help shape how they are supported, so we encourage their involvement in sharing their stories through:

  • Discussion groups - three people we support are members of the Advisory Board of the PWSA
  • Attendance at PWSA conferences
  • Participation in research projects
  • Giving talks at conferences/schools and colleges for those with PWS

For more information about our Prader Willi Syndrome services at Craegmoor, call us today on 0800 840 3219.