Mental health support

In the UK, 25% of the population will experience a mental health problem at some time. For most people the symptoms will be relatively minor, but others may require long term or specialist support.

It is possible to recover from or to develop an effective coping mechanism to reduce the impact of all types of mental health problems; this process is made much easier by getting the right support.

We recognise that mental health problems affect everyone in very different ways. To meet this challenge, we have a wide range of services designed to meet a variety of needs.

Residential services

Our mental health residential services provide person-centred support designed with the individual. All our staff work with the people we support to identify their individual needs, wishes and goals and use this to design a detailed support package. We train all our staff with best practice guidance at the forefront of our model of support.

We also aim to provide the people we support with the skills they will need to live as independently as possible, this includes access to educational opportunities and support with gaining either voluntary or paid employment.

Supported living

Craegmoor’s supported living services provide support for people with mental health problems within their own homes.

Our innovative, creative support enables everyone to live the lives they want and have the opportunities they deserve. By focussing on promoting independence and designing our support around the individual’s needs, goals and ambitions, we can support people to have the confidence to change their own lives.

If you would like further information on the full range of Craegmoor services please call: 0800 840 3219.