Dunvegan has dedicated staff teams that provide 24-hour support. Staff are trained to support people who have complex needs and challenging behaviours. A designated key worker assists in developing individualised person-centred plans. Staff are committed to creating a secure homely environment and a consistent excellent standard of service provision. Individuals enjoy being consulted in every aspect of their lifestyle and are assured that their choice is reflected in designing their service.

What it's like to live here

People supported at Dunvegan enjoy a prime location with a choice of recreation, leisure, shopping and health facilities. Individual programs are designed to encourage the use of all local facilities. There is the use of two vehicles which allow those who are less able to attend activities such as wheelchair dancing or shopping trips. There is the opportunity to attend college placements or participate in volunteer helping at riding for disabled and to maintain contact with family and friends. At the service people enjoy a variety of hobbies, jigsaws, crafts, painting, gardening, and computer games etc.


Dunvegan takes up an ideal location on the perimeter of the local shopping centre, where individuals enjoy ease of access to a pleasant variety of shops and facilities. Situated at the heart of central Scotland, the Home is midway between Falkirk and Stirling and is convenient for both train and bus travel.

Service facilities

Dunvegan is a large town house, offering diversity of services. There are two flats each with individual facilities offering the individual a choice of spacious lounge, dining room and modern kitchen areas. Bungalows A B & C are large modern homes comprising of large lounge, kitchen and utility room. All have wheelchair access. Terraces D E F & G are four separate houses, all with individual facilities. The Terrace G facility has wide angled doorways and manoeuvrability space for the wheelchair user. It is commissioned for four people em with special needs, with bath and lifting aids and wheelchair access shower room.



228 Main Street

Contact details

Telephone: 01324 562 786
Email address: dunvegan@priorygroup.com