Working in partnership

Craegmoor works in partnership with a number of professional organisations in order to maintain our best possible service provision in line with expectation and need, including Local Authorities, NHS Trusts and our regulators across the UK.

By working closely with these organisations, we understand their needs and can adapt our business where appropriate – whether this is evolving existing services or to create new ones.


Craegmoor is part of The Priory Group of Companies, who provide a range of services which may be accessed at an appropriate stage by the people we support. We are therefore able to offer additional education and healthcare services for individuals with autism, learning disabilities and Prader-Will Syndrome, alongside those who require mental health support, positive behaviour support or individuals we assist through our supported living provision. To find out more about Priory Group Pathways, click here.

If you would like further information about Working in Partnership with Craegmoor then please call: 0800 840 3219.