As part of the Priory Group, Craegmoor is committed to effectively protecting all vulnerable individuals supported by our services from any form of abuse, and aims always to ensure ‘best practice’ and partnership working in relation to safeguarding.

We strive to maintain a transparent and open culture where everyone feels safe and able to share concerns. Concerns relating to safeguarding are always listened to and taken seriously.

We strive also to enable people who deliver service to develop their understanding of keeping safe.

Priory Group has a robust structure both nationally and locally for managing safeguarding: Safeguarding has a voice at board level through the Executive Lead for Safeguarding, this includes Craegmoor and we have Regional Safeguarding Leads who ensure best and safe practices.

Every service has a designated Safeguarding Officer/Lead trained to a high level of competence in understanding safeguarding adults, PVA and safeguarding supervision. However, we firmly believe that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility throughout our organisation.

Clear policies and procedures are supported by a commitment to deliver high quality safeguarding training to all staff working in our services on an ongoing basis. Robust monitoring processes ensure that this policy is applied, and that practice is regularly evaluated.

We work in partnership with key agencies involved in safeguarding, to ensure the best possible provisions and outcomes in relation to safeguarding and we work in partnership with local authorities to ensure we achieve local alerter training and share best practice.

Robust recruitment procedures comply with all safeguarding requirements and recommendations, and our staff receive regular supervision in accordance with regulatory requirements.

For further information on Craegmoor safeguarding, please call: 0800 840 3219.