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Wolverton Court

About Wolverton Court

Wolverton Court is a specialist autism service that provides assessment and a range of high quality, specialist services to people with autism and/or learning disabilities, who may at times present severe behaviours that challenge.

Some of the individuals supported at Wolverton Court also have communication difficulties and other conditions such as epilepsy.

Our approach to care:

The service offers 24/7 specialist residential support to adults over the age of 18 and is committed to empowering and encouraging the individuals who live there. Staff provide the support needed to enable them to reach their goals and to develop their self esteem and the skills they need to live as independently as possible.

Everyone at Wolverton Court is involved in designing their own Person Centred Plan, with the support of staff. Each individual has their own weekly timetable, detailing their preferred activities - which consist of in-house and community based activities.

Individuals are supported to attend college courses or access voluntary and paid work in order to build on their skills, self confidence and self-esteem.

We are also supported by our Person Centred Approaches team who provide positive behaviour support strategies to individuals using the service, and their team of support staff, to enable them to achieve positive outcomes.

The well trained team at Wolverton Court aim to improve the quality of life outcomes for people with complex and challenging needs. In doing so we are committed to using Positive Behaviour Approaches and strive to improve practice through review, action, research and the development and delivery of training. We can offer one-to-one psychological and psychiatric support where needed, and have access to a multi-disciplinary staff team.

What it’s like to live here:

At Wolverton Court, our aim is to deliver an increasing sense of self-management and empowerment that will lead to more independent living, with the minimum support required. The people we support are encouraged to take control of their lives and work towards independence, confidence and personal aspirations.

There are local shops and other facilities within walking distance. We are also close to major tourist attractions as well as the beach and encourage and support people to access these to complement and enhance other activities in their lives.

"Staff support me to live as independently as possible in a happy environment.” – Person supported by Wolverton Court


Wolverton Court is a large, detached and well maintained property which features a self-contained flat. The service caters for up to six people who are encouraged to personalise their bedrooms to suit personal preferences.

The site provides comfortable living areas, dining space, a large accessible kitchen and an extensive garden. The outdoor space is popular during the summer months as we frequently hold barbecues and events.

Admissions criteria:

Wolverton Court may be suitable for those who meet the following admissions criteria:

  • Individuals with Autism
  • Individuals with a learning disability
  • May also have communication difficulties, complex sensory needs and present complex behaviours that challenge