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Middlegate Lodge

About Middlegate Lodge

Middlegate Lodge is a step-down service, providing a safe and supportive environment for up to 6 adults with mental health problems or a dual diagnosis. Individuals are given the opportunity to progress through their care pathway, with support given to lead a more independent and fulfilling life.

Our approach to support:

Our service is run by an experienced manager, who is supported by a deputy manager, team leaders and support workers, who are specifically trained to support each individual’s needs. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to care; working closely with all other professionals.

We believe that each person is an individual and will have different needs, interests and hobbies, so everyone who lives at the service is supported to take the lead in personalising their package of care and support.

The service has a sound philosophy of support, a focus on achievable outcomes and a commitment to move individuals towards a valued, independent lifestyle within the community.

What it’s like to live here:

Everyone at Middlegate Lodge helps to organise day trips to places of interest, as well as holidays that are further afield. People are invited to suggest ideas for these trips at our monthly meetings, which also provide individuals with the chance to provide feedback about their support.

People living here also plan their weekly menus, prepare and cook their meals individually, or as a group if they choose, and are supported by staff on their twice weekly trips to the supermarket to purchase their shopping.

Individuals are also responsible for keeping the house clean and tidy, as well as taking responsibility for doing their laundry and all other normal household tasks.

“Craegmoor staff have helped me to understand myself better.” – Person supported by Craegmoor


Middlegate Lodge is a residential house, set in extensive grounds. It offers an opportunity for vocational activities, in a semi-rural setting, in Lincolnshire.

The house has five bedrooms and one self contained flat, all of which are fully furnished, but everyone is encouraged and supported to personalise their rooms.

We have two communal rooms, which are equipped with televisions and radios for everybody's enjoyment, and a further ‘quiet’ room, where people we support can meet with their friends and family, or spend time alone and enjoy both peace and privacy.

Admissions criteria:

Middlegate Lodge may be suitable for those who meet the following admissions criteria:

  • Adults with a Mental Health problem
  • Adults with a Dual Diagnosis