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Eastleigh House

About Eastleigh House

Eastleigh House supports people with learning disabilities and autism with dedicated, trained and specialist staff. We do everything we can to improve the health and wellbeing of the individuals we support and as a team we are focused on building positive outcomes for everyone.

Our approach to support:

Everyone living at Eastleigh has a Person Centred Plan which they help design. Each plan is tailored to suit individual needs and reflects their personal choices and aspirations, focusing on what is needed to make that happen.

Eastleigh House promotes Craegmoor's communication strategy, “Your Voice”, which encourages individuals, based on their preferred method of communication, to voice their views about the support they receive. Monthly meetings are held where individuals are able to represent the views and voices of others living at the service. This is extended to area, divisional and national level.

What it’s like to live here:

Everyone is encouraged through their Person Centred Plans to achieve their goals and aspirations. For some people this means attending college to access various courses, including cooking, art and daily living skills. For others it means work placements and other opportunities in line with their goals.

Within the house we continually and consistently promote the development of social skills, independent living and personal responsibility. This includes focussing on daily skills such as shopping, cooking, doing laundry and cleaning - with tasks dependent upon an individual's ability. The people who live here are very proud of their home as they have so much involvement in creating it.

Eastleigh House is situated on the outskirts of Teignmouth, with extensive views of the town and coastline.

Eastleigh House has a spacious dining room and a large lounge, which provide a comfortable living space. Additional rooms are used for daily activities. There is a sensory room, arts and crafts room, communication room and an extensive garden, enabling people to be active within a programme specifically designed for individuals with autism.

A training kitchen is used together with other household facilities to encourage individuals to develop their daily living skills.

Admissions criteria:

Eastleigh House may be suitable for those who meet the following admissions criteria:

  • Individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Individuals with learning disabilities
  • Individuals who require positive behavioural support