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New autism home opens in Basingstoke to meet demand

A new specialist care home designed especially for adults with autism, which meets a significant need for this type of service, has opened in Basingstoke.

Eastrop House supports those aged 18 and over, but can also help those who are 17 and moving from children’s services into adult care.

Eastrop HouseThere are five en-suite bedrooms, three studio individual flats and one detached apartment, and a large garden. The home offers specialist support around the clock and also has a positive behaviour support specialist on hand.

It is run by Craegmoor, part of the renowned Priory Group, which has services across England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland, enabling people with mental health problems, autism and learning disabilities to live the lives they want and have the opportunities they deserve.

New staff are currently being recruited from the local community – including support and night support workers - to shape the service from the very beginning and make it a flagship service for people with autism in Basingstoke.

Eastrop House is a ‘low stimulus’ environment which is particularly important to those with autism. Its smooth lines help reduce residents’ anxiety and there are fewer protruding objects or distractions than in other types of accommodation. The colour scheme is low-key and lighting can be carefully controlled.

When someone comes to Craegmoor to seek specialist support services for an Autistic Spectrum Condition, specialist workers complete an Autism Profile to help better understand a person’s interests, strengths, gifts and their need for support.

This makes it easier for staff to understand the nuances in an individual’s condition and to identify cognitive abilities that may require focus. The autism profile is a working document that is regularly revised as staff get to know each person they support better. It is used to inform all care, support and activity planning.

Samara Moore, Service Manager, said: “Eastrop House is an exciting new home for residents with autism. Our first resident has settled in well and is enjoying living here. We look forward to the year ahead and doing our utmost for the people we support. As we are autism-specific, everything is geared around the resident with autism. Staff are specially trained and the training is ongoing. We will tailor the room to the individual and also the staffing team.”

Sarah Hughes, CEO of Craegmoor, said: “This new service will offer specialist support to people with autism. With the great team it has in place, I am sure Eastrop House will become a great success.”

Autism is a lifelong, developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them. Common characteristics can include: difficulties with social interaction, impaired language and communication skills and unusual patterns of thought and physical behaviour.

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