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Beach House rated 'good’ across the board by care inspectors

Beach House in Dorset has been praised by independent inspectors for the quality of care it provides to the people it supports with learning disabilities.

In its latest report, the Care Quality Commission praised Beach House: for supporting people in "a personalised way", having a "person centred culture" and for its staff who were "relaxed, friendly... and spoke fondly about people". The home was rated "good" across the board by the CQC.

A resident told the CQC that "it was the happiest they had been at Beach House". A resident's relative told the inspectors, "Beach House is excellent as far as I'm concerned".

The CQC said the residents, "chatted to staff and laughed with them". The inspectors went on to praise the fact that staff, "were knowledgeable about people's communication".

The inspectors highlighted the fact that residents are encouraged to take part in a range of activities: "During the inspection people went shopping, out to a cafe, for walks, to go and get a paper, completed puzzles and used drawing books". They also praised the use of 'Your Voice' meetings, which enable residents to have a say on the running of the home.

Sue Eyre, home manager said: "I am absolutely thrilled. I am particularly pleased that the CQC acknowledges we have a 'person centred culture', as this is at the heart of everything we set out to achieve. It is always good to read that the people we support and their relatives feel so positive about the environment at Beach House."

Sarah Hughes, CEO of Craegmoor, said: "I am very pleased with this inspection outcome. There is an excellent team in place at Beach House, and I am sure they will continue to work hard to deliver the best possible outcomes."

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