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Kilmarnock service praised for “very high standard” of support

Craegmoor's Kirklea, Kilmarnock

Craegmoor's Kirklea service in Kilmarnock, which supports adults with learning disabilities has been praised by care inspectors for its “very good” quality of care.

Committed and experienced staff

The care inspectorate, the care watchdog in Scotland, said committed and experienced staff provided a “warm and caring” environment which made individuals feel “safe and happy”. Kirklea is a very good service, providing effective support in a warm and welcoming environment. Everyone spoken to during the inspection advised us that they felt safe in the home”. Inspectors said that the support seen during the inspection was of a “very high standard”.

Quality of life equal to any other member of society

Kirklea, a Victorian-style villa in Dundonald Road, close to Kilmarnock town centre, offers residential provision for adults with learning disabilities, some of whom also have physical disabilities. The service’s stated aim is to ensure that people there “experience a quality of life equal to that of any other member of society”. The service was rated as “very good” for its quality of care and support; environment; staffing; and management and leadership.

The care inspectorate said staff morale was high ”which benefits all within the service”. Kirklea is run locally by manager Roberta Campbell.

Involvement of family members in support

It added: “The individuals and family members we spoke with during the inspection all confirmed that they felt very involved in their care and support. One commented: ‘I have plenty of choices in everything I do here, particularly in my activities.’”

Sarah Hughes, chief executive officer of Craegmoor, said: “Kirklea is a wonderful place and I am extremely proud of what it is being done there. Staff work very hard to ensure that the people we support are always put first, and their needs are met to the very best of our abilities. This report is a testament to the individuals and staff who, together, make it the special place that it is.”

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