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Craegmoor supports learning disability documentary project

Craegmoor, part of the Priory Group of Companies, is supporting the production of a documentary which focuses on the historical treatment of individuals with learning difficulties.
Berge Kanikanian, who is from Ealing and has Downs Syndrome, created the documentary 'The Aktion T4 Awareness project,' which depicts how individuals with learning disabilities were treated during the Aktion T4 Nazi extermination program during the Second World War.

In 2011, after reading about the history of learning disabilities and attending a course which taught people with learning disabilities how to develop and lead their own campaigns, Berge was inspired to create the documentary and travelled to Germany and Poland to start filming.

To enable the documentary to be finished, Craegmoor has donated £1900 to the project. The funds will be put towards post-production costs, which includes creating a dubbed version of the film with an English voiceover and will also pay for permission to use some archive footage, the audio mixing and colour grading.

Anthony Miller, Business Development Manager of South East London Craegmoor, said: “When we heard about the project we wanted to offer our support to help increase awareness of how learning disabilities were treated both historically and today.

“Berge is a passionate advocate for people with learning disabilities and his aim is to show the documentary in schools, colleges and youth centres to educate young people about this period in history and to help prevent disability hate crime today. Berge has already screened the documentary at the Houses of Parliament and hopes that it will eventually be shown on TV and entered into documentary film competitions.”

Berge Kanikanian, said: "I would like to thank Craegmoor for all the help that I have received with my documentary. It is important to improve the lives of people. I’m a person with Downs Syndrome and I think if people with disabilities join together and have a voice they’ll make more of an impact. We need to stop disability hate crime." 

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