Brooke House case study - Liam’s story

Brook House - Liam's story

Liam* moved to Brooke House in July 2015 and did not speak or appear to understand English. Since arriving over a year ago, Liam has accomplished so much with the close support of staff.

Brooke House was able to employ a Romanian speaker who was able to support Liam with his communication. Before she started, we used pictures and the internet to communicate with Liam, but since July last year, Liam has learnt to speak English with the help of other residents, staff and the day service he attends.

Liam has a passion for photography and his images can be seen on the activities board at Brooke House.

Liam’s outcomes

Liam is such a different person from when he first arrived at Brooke House. His confidence has grown so much he is now able to go on buses without staff support, he even recently went to Winchester on his own and took pictures.

At present, Liam is currently saving money for a camera and according to him, one of his biggest accomplishments was being able to quit smoking in one day to save his money for the various activities he enjoys.

* Name changed to protect individual's identity

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Brooke House provides support for adults living with a primary learning disability diagnosis but may present complex conditions. Some of our residents also have communication difficulties or present behaviours that challenge, and can have dual diagnosis, as well as a range of other disabilities such as epilepsy.

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