Achieving positive outcomes at Brooke House

Positive outcomes

The residents at Brooke House have achieved positive outcomes over the last 18 months including two individuals moving out and another due to move out soon. All have moved into either independent or supported living properties.

From gaining work experience to travelling independently, please find below some more successes achieved by our residents.

Resident 1

We have an individual who has been working part-time as a kitchen porter at The Hut (Beefeater restaurant) in Chandlers Ford for the last 9 months; he even chose this area and is enjoying the job. This individual has done this job against all odds, and his place of work has a lot of good things to say about him and his work ethics.

In the future, he would like to try his hands at other jobs and hopefully he will learn to drive and get a car. He would also like to move into more independent accommodation and is working towards this.

Resident 2

For the first time, another resident went on a trip away, this is the first time he has ever gone away on his own without his family or his support staff at Brooke House, and said he had a great time.

This individual enjoys his routine and likes his days filled with activities. He enjoys drawing, swimming, long walks and going to the local shops independently; he is able to now cook with minimal support for meals that he says are not too complicated.

He loves playing football on Thursdays and does this with another resident who also enjoys playing football. This individual is someone who does not let any obstacle get in his way and likes to try new things.

Resident 3

A Brooke House resident is football mad and a great fan of Southampton FC. He enjoys playing football and goes for long walks with staff. He has really developed his budgeting, organisation and communication skills, for example, he likes to make sure that all staff understand his schedule which can be found in his bedroom and also in the office. The resident always expects his staff team to be on top of things and knows when his payments are due.

Resident 4

Another resident has only just returned from the New Forest Show, this is very important to him and he goes yearly for two to three days independently. The individual has come so far and is independent in his travels.

Resident 5

Brooke House also supports a young person on outreach who came to us last year after the failure of previous placements. We had training from the PWS team within the company and this helped the amazing support staff identified to work with him in supporting the progress he has made. This individual has changed so much since we first worked with him briefly in 2012.

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Brooke House provides support for adults living with a primary learning disability diagnosis but may present complex conditions. Some of our residents also have communication difficulties or present behaviours that challenge, and can have dual diagnosis, as well as a range of other disabilities such as epilepsy.

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