Safety, quality and compliance

Craegmoor is committed to ensuring that the people we support are provided with the highest possible standards of care and support, delivered by a highly motivated and well trained staff team through an extensive network of care homes and supported living services.

To this end, we have a dedicated team which oversees the Corporate Assurance function of the Priory Group which provides an essential level of independence and arms-length monitoring of the four Priory divisions.


Craegmoor benefits from a robust and determined approach to safety and we do this through robust audits undertaken by a central team of governance and assurance staff who ensure that our sites are supported to be safe by ensuring that: 

  • Actions and improvements are made in response to safety alerts;
  • Best practice is shared across the division and the company as a whole;
  • Adjustments and improvements are made in response to the regular cycle of health and safety and fire audits which are undertaken by a team of internal health and safety experts and external fire safety experts;
  • There is a prompt response to any changes in legislation and guidance;
  • A robust and open approach is taken to incident and complaint management and the investigations that follow; and
  • Improvements are made locally and, where necessary, across Craegmoor in response to the lessons learned from incident and complaint investigations.


Craegmoor has a dedicated quality team that not only focus on the services being compliant with our regulators, but who also ensure that we provide evidenced based care and support and that we are the best at what we do.

We benefit from having a team of specialist advisors consisting of:

  • 3 Heads of Quality for each of the operational regions, each with a vast amount of experience in providing and delivering services to people with a learning disability, mental health issues and autism. The Heads of Quality have oversight of our wide range of services which include residential services, nursing services and supported living.
  • 2 specialist advisors in autism, supporting the development and implementation of our autism strategy, which includes high quality care and support, clear documentation, staff training and kite marks which enable us to evidence ‘Autism Aware’ services.  Additionally, where necessary, the autism advisors provide bespoke work with individuals who use our services.
  • A positive behaviour support (PBS) manager, with a team of PBS quality development leads and a team of PBS practitioners who lead on the delivery of the Craegmoor PBS strategy.  The strategy includes the provision of bespoke person-centred programmes, behaviour assessments, functional analysis and a wide range of support for individuals who require PBS.
  • A national team of PROACT-SCIP instructors based within our sites who deliver training to our staff teams.
  • A mental health quality development lead who supports the development and implementation of the strategy for supporting people with mental health issues, including training of the staff and bespoke work with individual service users.
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) specialists, with an extensive background in supporting people with the complex diagnosis of PWS.
  • We also have access, by virtue of being part of the Priory Group, to a wide range of specialists in a wide number of fields - for example, acquired brain injury, child and adolescent mental health, eating disorders, personality disorder, and looked after young people, fostering and education.


Craegmoor is committed to ensuring that our services not only meet, but exceed the national regulatory standards of compliance set out in law and inspected by those regulators who oversee our services. Our regulators are the Care Inspectorate in Scotland, the Care Quality Commission in England and the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales.

Our high quality care together with our open and transparent relationship with our regulators has resulted in our compliance being rated at on 29 December 2014:

  • 94.3% with the Care Quality Commission
  • 100% with the Care Inspectorate in Scotland
  • 100% with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales

This has given us an overall rate of compliance of 94.6%

In order to support our services to achieve and go beyond regulatory compliance we have:

  • A group wide Director of Compliance, who works with all four divisions to monitor and help them achieve high rates of compliance with regulatory standards;
  • An experienced Head of Social Care, who works specifically with Craegmoor and who in turn leads a team of compliance inspectors (one for the North and one for the South) who robustly measure our services against the national standards and who provide feedback to the registered manager on their achievements and, where necessary, those areas in which service delivery could be improved. Internal inspections are completed on a risk basis, with those sites at the greatest risk of non-compliance with regulatory standards receiving the highest level of inspection, scrutiny, monitoring and support.
  • A system of ensuring that actions are implemented and completion evidenced by way of our electronic dashboard system. This system provides corporate assurance to the Board and helps us to monitor compliance and any actions that require completion to ensure the driving up of quality. This system enables a transparent view across Craegmoor through a team approach consisting of the site itself, the Heads of Quality and Compliance and the corporate assurance function.

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